LMI - Labor Market Information

Whether working with an employer, economic development professional or other community partner, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our economy. FVWDB is always interested to track Industry trends. Business Services professionals at FVWDB have a number of tools at their disposal that helps identify historical data as well as identify future trends. Below is a list of some of the reports that we provide:

 Customized (Market Research) Reports for Businesses

FVWDB has the ability to generate reports that show both Industry growth and decline. These style of reports portrays an accurate picture of Industry changes over time. Other customized data sets can be created using the EMSI tool, (for example, Manufacturers tracked can be very broad or very specific depending upon requestor needs).

 Other Resources / Tools for Tracking Labor Market Information

Wisconsin WorkNet

Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Census



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