FVWDB Structure and Committees

The Fox Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc. has five functional committees that work together to foster an environment of accessible, high quality, efficient and affordable training and employment opportunities to individuals, employees, and employers. These committees either oversee FVWDB or report to FVWDB and serve as specialized resource and referral areas performing unique functions based on area needs. Through these committees, FVWDB administers WIOA programs, operates six One-Stop Job and Career Centers, and provides business services to employers.

Chief Elected Officials (CEO)  (formally Local Elected Officials (LEO))

Each of the six counties , Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Waupaca, Calumet, Waushara and Green Lake, chose a Local Elected Official (LEO) to represent them in a consortium with the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board. The consortium appoints board members to the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board. LEOs oversee the Board of Directors of FVWDB and can attend the Board meetings, but have no voting rights.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee (EC) acts for the full board between meetings and is responsible to keep the big FVWDB picture. EC oversees FVWDB staff and conducts an annual performance review of the Executive Administrator. It conducts grievance hearings for staff and contractor matters. The committee has primary responsibilities for the development and review of the five year strategic plan. EC takes the lead in negotiating local performance standards with the state, and the committee directs program funds to appropriate sub-committee oversight.

Finance Committee

The role of the Finance Committee is to review financial information and expenditure reports, review and make recommendations to financial procedures, and make recommendations to the full board on Program Year (PY) budgets.

Human Resources (HR) / Personnel Committee

The HR/Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes on Personnel Policy Manual to the Executive Committee or full board for approval.  Additionally, the committee conducts annual review of salary ranges and benefit packages to assure competitiveness from both a cost and recruitment/retention perspective.

One-Stop Systems Committee

The One Stop Systems Committee has many areas of responsibilities. It explores additional funding sources to address the strategic initiatives and action plans adopted by the full Board and addresses One-Stop partners and staff to obtain them. The Committee oversees the process of developing MOU's with the required One-Stop partners, reviewing the range of resources that are available for the Job Centers. This committee will be the source of regular information about the local One-Stop System and its operation for the full Board and the other committees. The Committee will address system-wide operational issues in the Job Centers. The "One-Stop" System Committee utilizes the expertise from Job Center Management teams and the One stop system staff.

Youth Services Council

The Youth Council is a strategic planning body for youth issues and programs. It promotes and participates in the development of a school-to-work system that connects all youth to employment and training opportunities. The Youth Services Council develops the portion of the five-year strategic plan relating to youth. It recommends eligible youth service providers and conducts oversight of WIOA Youth, K-12 Youth, and other WDB youth programs.

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