Fox Valley Workforce Development Board (FVWDB) is an organization that relies strongly on partnerships, because we recognize that companies within our region benefit from creating strategic industry-focused alliances to address common issues and leverage resources. Two examples of such alliances that FVWDB helped create are the Fox Valley Health Care Alliance and the NEW Manufacturing Alliance.

Formation of these alliances is often a 'recipe for success' as it assists in securing grants that offer training and/or industry based career awareness. Rather than viewing other members as competitors, successful alliance members focus on big picture issues that affect their industry. Strategically, alliance members set the goals for the alliance, but staff support for is provided by FVWDB.

Additional alliances are currently under consideration; however, if you would like to speak to a member of the Business Services team about forming an alliance for your industry, please contact us.


For more information, please contact Business Services via:

Phone: (920) 720-5600



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